About Ian Williams and some other clever text

Ian Williams is a freelance writer, journalist, and game designer based in Raleigh, North Carolina. His work ranges from digital labor to media criticism to regularly writing about professional wrestling with an abiding earnestness.

He got his start reviewing tabletop games for the now mothballed GameHead, a gaming enthusiast website centering on board and roleplaying games. At the same time, he was writing a not quite published game for Nocturnal Media for legendary game designer Greg Stafford. The game is based on the "King Arthur Pendragon" ruleset and is set in Bronze Age Greece. Details on its development can be found here. The game (which has an ever changing name for branding reasons) will be published "soon".

During his time doing quality assurance on the massively multiplayer game "Age of Conan", Ian developed a concern with labor in the tech industry, especially surrounding issues of long hours and mass layoffs in the burgeoning video game industry. This interest led to the publishing of his widely circulated article "You Can Sleep Here All Night" in Jacobin, the esteemed journal of left intellectual thought.

From there, Ian's labor and investigative work has been featured in the Guardian, while his criticism has been a regular feature at Paste. He's also done a smattering of soccer writing, once more at Paste and at Deadspin.

Currently, Ian writes about professional wrestling at VICE Sports while maintaining his freelance relationship with Paste. He is also a contributor to the upcoming "Changeling: the Lost Second Edition" from Onyx Path. He's very busy.